Renat Gilmanov

Solution architect, Scrum master

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skype: renat.gilmanov

+38 (050) 807-98-78


As a solution architect

  • Rapid feasibility analysis and demonstration
  • Initial system design and technologies selection
  • Full development cycle and technical expertise
  • Communication with the team and stakeholders
  • Progress, quality and performance analysis

As a scrum master

  • Keep the team productive and do required coaching
  • Help product owner with the product backlog
  • Remove impediments and facilitate self-organization and continuous improvement
  • Team recruitment, planning and risk analysis




Requirements gathering. Functional analysis and decomposition. Architectural styles and patterns. Evolutionary design.

Lean development

"Think big, act small". Iterative process with evolutionary design allows to "see the whole" from the very beginning still providing proper quality and maintainability.

Rapid prototyping

"Verify and test", rather than "believe and hope". Assess risks, find a solution suitable for the real-life.

Continuous integration

Automate as much as possible, measure frequently, integrate often, track everything, enhance always.

Usability design

Analyze, design, plan and develop with usability in mind in order to eliminate risks and get a solid and usable product.

Effective team

Continuous team improvement, various trainings, hackathons and other team-building events. Proper feedback, guidelines and personal development.


  • Vaadin/GWT/Java/Groovy
  • REST/Dropwizard/CXF
  • Hadoop/Cascading
  • Thrift/Avro/Protobuf
  • Javolution/Trove
  • Git/Mercurial/SVN
  • CI/Coverage/Verification
  • TestNG/Ant/Ivy
  • Scrum/TDD
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle
  • Fedora/CentOS/FreeBSD
  • Eclipse/NetBeans



Seniour solution architect

2018 - now

Responsibility: Lead architectural design and related activities for multiple project streams. Open new technological frontiers.

Technology: Elasticsearch, OpenNLP, CoreNLP, Java, Jenkins, Git


Solution architect

2015 - 2018

Responsibility: Lead the design and development of a mission critical system, think out of the box, suggest and defend innovative approaches, support the customer.

Technology: Elasticsearch, OpenNLP, CoreNLP, Java, Jenkins, Git


Technical lead, Scrum master, Usability expert

2011 - 2015

Responsibility: Lead the development of the multiple products, support product owner and the team, support customers. Participate in UI design.

Product family: The Axiomatics Policy Server (APS) is a powerful access control system that allows users to manage, simulate and enforce fine-grained policies written in the eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML).

Technology: Java, Vaadin, Modeshape (JCR), PostgreSQL, Jenkins, Git


Technical lead, Project manager

2008 - 2011

Responsibility: Manage multiple projects, lead the development, support customers

Product: Centralized, web-based management system, with modern UI, transparent upgrade and backward compatibility support.

Product: EX Peering Manager facilitates peering between SIP and/or H.323 networks Features: Protocol interworking (SIP and H.323), SIP gateways control, Security features

Technology: Java, GWT, CXF, RESTEasy, Google Protobuf, Tomcat, Xalan, XSLT, YUI, RPM, SNMPv3, MySQL


Technical lead, Project manager

2005 - 2008

Responsibility: architect and lead the development of the next generation protocol analyzer

Product family: Network service analyzer represents a powerful distributed platform for NGN network state control. The flexible architecture allows to supervise the network in multiple points and cover a wide network segment.

Technology: Java, libpcap, JNI, NIO, RMI, CAJO, JFC/Swing, JCE, XSLT

Web design studio

Technical lead, Project manager

2003 - 2005

Responsibility: design and develop extensible content management system

Product: A flexible and easy to use content management and publishing system with modular design, integrated WYSIWYG editor, styles, templates, plug-in support, static HTML export feature and role-based access control system.

Technology: Java, JFC/Swing, Graphics2D, HyperSQL, Perl, CGI, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Computer Multimedia Systems

Java and Visual C++ developer

2001 - 2003

Responsibility: port a product to a new platform (Windows 2000), perform face lift and fix known issues.

Product: Clinical Reporter is a medical knowledge base and a structured report generator with integrated Kurzweil Voice Recognizer for an interactive approach to collecting patient data and producing medical reports.

Technology: Java, Swing, Visual C++, WIN API, MFC, COM, ATL, WTL



1997-2002 Vinnitsa National Technical University, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Degree: Master's degree in Computer Science
Subject: Intelligent systems and information processing
Department: Informational technologies and computer engineering

Renat Gilmanov — — +38 (050) 807-98-78